Dynamic metadata repository for your SOA

Our repository is an essential component of your SOA. It stores and organizes metadata about how to use, interact with and integrate your services. As services are cataloged in the repository, they are automatically decomposed into familiar business terms like “customer” that are easy to understand and work with. Capturing and cataloguing metadata about the services in your SOA in the repository makes it easy for users to find and use available application functionality.

Every action you take in Above All Studio is automatically deposited in the Above All SOA Repository. As new business services are defined, relationships between disparate services established and composite applications assembled these new metadata-defined objects are all cataloged and managed within the SOA Repository.

The Repository has built-in intelligence – and it gets more intelligent every time you use it. Above All Studio and the SOA Repository allow your experts to share their knowledge and make the rest of the organization more productive by facilitating reuse.