Build Composite Applications Easier, Faster.

Why Above All Software? SOA is the new approach to enterprise IT architecture, typically relying upon Web services as a key enabling technology. Composite applications are the integrated business solutions assembled from the services in your SOA–and how you ultimately derive business value from your Web service and SOA investments. The Above All Composite Application Platform transforms existing application assets into rapidly assembled, high-impact business solutions.

Built to be a key element of your SOA solution, the Above All Composite Application Platform enables the rapid assembly of SOA-based applications.  Supporting a four step methodology, Above All software is the fast, easy way to integrate business functionality between disparate applications.  With Above All software you:

MINE existing information assets to create an automatically refined, business-specific set of business services
REFINE services into business services that bridge the gap between optimal business needs and existing IT applications infrastructure
ASSEMBLE business services into effective, user-oriented composite applications
DEPLOY composite applications to the environments your business and users need, and/or  deploy business services as Web services for consumption by other tools

The Above All Composite Application Platform includes:

Above All Studio™- an integrated environment for refining services into business services and for assembling new composite applications
Above All SOA Repository™- a dynamic metadata repository to store and manage the assets in your SOA
Above All Knowledge Packs™- software that mines existing information assets so that specific applications and/or technology can participate in composite applications and your SOA.
Above All Multi-channel Deployment™- enables the Above All created composite applications and services to be deployed to the environments your business and users need.


The Above All Composite Application Platform delivers the critical capabilities underlying a successful composite application solution: visual refinement of business services, rapid assembly of business services into composite applications, and easy deployment of those composite applications into user-defined environments.

Build Business Value Sooner.

By accelerating the assembly and deployment of composite applications, Above All Software significantly reduces the time and effort necessary for those applications to make an impact on your business. Moreover, service-based integration is non-invasive to the original applications, so services can be reused and re-integrated quickly and easily in new composite applications as business needs change.

Above All Software also enables you to better align IT resources to business needs so you can make more efficient use of scarce IT resources. For instance, you can refine and map existing IT functionality to business-specific terms, then re-use services across different business scenarios. In fact, our software saves you time and expense by simplifying the entire the SOA-based application landscape:

Simplifies how IT application assets can participate in composite applications
Simplifies how services are aligned with the business needs
Simplifies how composite applications are assembled and delivered
Simplifies user interaction with cross-functional business processes