Download And Install Microsoft Office 365 with Activation Key

Nowadays everyone using a computer, and all the people are familiar with the Microsoft Office, which includes a wide range of various services. Microsoft office is a single pack that provides multiple services to users in an efficient manner, and it requires once in a lifetime subscription to gain all the facilities.

Many computer users are familiar with Microsoft Word, Presentation, Outlook, and so on. The Microsoft office provides all these services in a cloud-based manner. Also, one can access all the further future updates at zero cost once they get a subscription.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 launched in 2011. From then there are various updates till now. Multiple services like SharePoint, Lync, and web apps introduced in its initial release. Different plans are presented like small business plans, midsize premium, pro plus packs. 

The central theme is to get more users who use their accounts on different machines, then the next program for the university students who use it in a bulk manner. here we will help you to download, install, and set up procedure of the Microsoft Office 365. by following the guide which we provided here user can easily install or re-install the Microsoft Office simply by logging into the account.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

Various Features Of Microsoft 365

  1. Outlook on the web feature: Various services like mail, task manager, contactors, and calendar notifications are introduced. 
  2. All the services are web-based, and it includes business enterprise services. All the services are available through the only a single subscription of Microsoft Office, and the services are available throughout the lifetime.
  3. Approximately 1 Tb size is provided for the user, and based on the plan chosen by the user, storage size varies.
  4. Specific plans consist of cloud-based storage. Various web-based services and platforms are available to users.
  5. It also provides some of the desktop applications which are installed automatically from the web. Even the Mac Os users have a chance to utilize these apps based on the subscription they have.
  6. All the future updates that are released are free, and they can be installed from the official site from the particular user account.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365


Every PC user interacts somehow with the PowerPoint. Microsoft Office introduced a share point, a web-based platform where users can work on it from various places. Users can edit, create, share documents, and update the presentation on the web.

 One can download the files from any location and also can securely protect the documentation. Share Point is included in many of the plans that are introduced by Office 365.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

Microsoft One Drive:

One Drive is Microsoft’s only web-based storage platform where the users can store their files on the Drive. The great advantage is that the users can access any type of data from the Drive to the user’s desktop or windows operating system. 

The primary user can store up to 1 Tb, and storage varies as the subscription plan varies. One Drive is the only online storage feature that gained various companies subscriptions.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Download And Installation Procedure:

All the users need to have the official Microsoft account, i.e., Office 365 email address. Before going to download it on your desktop, check all the system requirements, and you are installing it for the first time, then the user needs to learn these below steps.

  • Sign in through your account and select the browser.
  • Please select the file type needed and proceed to click it.
  • Select the download file. After that, it directs to the office account. You need to provide the credentials to log in.
  • Select the Install office, and the file will be open, and it begins to download. Select the language that you are familiar with.
  • After the download completes, proceed to the setup process. Provide the storage address then give permissions.
  • Now proceed to install the office account in your machine. If you get any error, please visit the FAQ section of the official Microsoft official site.

The Microsoft account is the single account that provides all the services similar to Google.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Sign-in or Re-Installation Process

If your machine already contains any previous software, uninstall them. However, are you installing Microsoft Office 365 again, and you are having a redeemed product key or installing MS Office at work or school, and already you had a license, then sign-in to your account. here we provide the steps to you about how to get Microsoft office if you already have Microsoft Office Login Details

Microsoft Office 365 EDUCATION:

This is one of the best services introduced by Office 365, as it has various web-based applications where the educational institutions can have free services. Students can log in across the globe with a single account, and they can utilize the services such as storage and web spaces.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

The various plans that are introduced by the Microsoft office are

  • Office online
  • Business essentials
  • Personal
  • Home
  • Business premium
  • Pro plus

Still, there are various plans that each plan has multiple features. Each method varies its services like storage, cloud facility. Microsoft office now completes approximately nine years, which provides thousands of services on online and offline platforms. 

Services like Skype, which connects over the places and Share point, help the users access the documents from various locations. Even mobiles are now compatible with multiple apps using Microsoft Office 365, apps like teams office suits, power applications.

 YouTube Download and Install Office 365

One of the basic plans Microsoft 365 for business provides storage of 1 TB on one Drive and access to Skype for the business appointments and other necessary procedures.

Complete Overview Of The Microsoft Office

  • The essential services like word, spreadsheet, presentation are provided.
  • Various plans offer various functions and features.
  • Microsoft 365 account will provide each user with a minimum space of 1 TB where the user can access it on the web platform.
  • Some of the new features that are added in the office 365 account can show all the users who are modifying your documents.
  • Access, project, Visio, teams and one Drive all these features are available to the user if he has a Microsoft office account.

Final words:

Here we updated all the information about the installation of Microsoft 365. still, you are having any doubts or issues let us know by commenting in below section. For all the further updates regarding Microsoft Office 365, one can visit the official site and install the required versions.

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