Download Dolphin Browser On Desktop For Free, Get The Full Web On Your Hand

Do you want to download Dolphin Web Browser On Desktop? It is one of the best alternative ones for Android devices. MoboTap released the Dolphin browser on both android and iOS devices. One of the notable features of the Dolphin browser is that it has its own search engine. This browser is also compatible with the Adobe flash on android devices, and it developed in a user-friendly interface.

Download Dolphin Browser For PC

Dolphin Browser is the secured one with fast loading speed. Apart from that, Dolphin Browser has many additional features like flash player and tabs, like all the other favorite web browsers(Chrome, Firefox).

Features For Dolphin Browser Desktop Mode

  1. The user can organize the home screen of the browser. Various websites and the earlier sites that the user visited will be added to the home screen. 
  2. Various favorite sites can add to the home screen by dragging them. Even the applications are also added on the home screen of the browser. 
  3. Just like any other browser, the user can change and open the various tabs. T
  4. Tabs feature plays a crucial role as many users want to browse various topics at a single time. Dolphin provides a web store where the user can shop directly from the browser itself. 
  5. Multiple applications like Amazon will directly be linked to the user browser.
  6. Right at the top of the browser, there is a Control Panel where the user can manage themes downloads and bookmarks at one tap. Users can control the whole device just from the control panel of the browser. 
  7. One of the best and successful features of the Dolphin browser is Gesture Browsing. Gesture browsing features allows the user to draw the symbol. Users can customize by allocating each symbol with a specific website. 
  8. The dolphin browser also has a voice search command. Voice search command of the Dolphin browser is named Sonar. Sonar allows the user just to tell the browser by his voice to perform various actions.

Download Dolphin Browser For PC

Dolphin browser can also be used as a social media bridge because it will enable users to share the tweets and links directly from the browser. The browser can also be used to share links to various devices using messages application. 

The dolphin browser also contains a note option that the user can use to take notes while reading the web pages. Various files and pages can be saved in the web browser itself ever to note. Dolphin Connect feature allows the user to sync all the data and multiple accounts from your other devices to the browser.

 Even the Dolphin Connect is helpful to other browser users as they can also sync their data to the Dolphin browser. Various web applications can be installed in the browser. And Multiple tasks can be performed in the Dolphin browser by adding the different add on tools. It ranked as the best web application for its speed as it uses HTML 5. Multiple downloads can be done at a higher speed, and even the video downloads are done at considerable speed.

Download Dolphin Browser For PC

 Many of the users feel uncomfortable with the tab switching while the video content is played. The dolphin browser allows flash support. Users can install the adobe flash and can watch the video content without tab switching. While playing YouTube videos on the browser, there will be a switch between YouTube and browser, but the flash option makes it more comfortable without tab switching.

Some of the websites are best for desktop view. The dolphin browser allows the desktop mode feature where the various sites can be viewed in a desktop mode. The user can make different preferences. Night mode and themes can be customized according to the user.

What Are The Latest Features Of Dolphin Browser?

  • Various tabs can be switched, and the user is allowed to browse multiple sites at a single time.
  • Dolphin Connect can be used to sync across multiple devices and various browsers.
  • Dolphin browser has a webzine format where all the content from top resources is displayed creatively.
  • Gesture browsing makes the user save his time by just drawing the symbols to open various customized sites.
  • Sonar control makes the user perform actions by only using a voice search.

Download Dolphin Browser For PC

Download And Install Dolphin Browser On Windows For Free

Many of the active users frequently try to find the PC version of the Dolphin browser. Due to the various user-friendly features, the Dolphin browser is widely used by the PC users too. But people fail while installing the windows application, and here we will tell you the Dolphin Browser process. 

  1. Users should search for any of the Android emulators on your browser. 
  2. Install the android emulator. Sign in through your account into the emulator. 
  3. Now users should start downloading the Dolphin browser in the play store.
  4.  Install the Dolphin browser and allow all the permissions. Open the emulator and start surfing on the internet through the Dolphin Browser on your desktop.

To open the Dolphin browser, you need to open the android emulator each time.

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