Download Battle Cats Tower Defense Game For PC On Windows 7/8/10

Are you a game lover? Are you playing action games on your mobile? Already you heard about the Battle Cats game. Most of the players played it on android devices, if you love to play it on the larger screen, it will give you a better experience, and i promised that you like the PC version of the Battle Cats, here we will provide the procedure to download BattleCats on your PC. 

Download Battle Cats For PC

The game Battle Cats is very familiar to gamers. Battle Cats emerged from Japan first released with its name as Nyanko Daisensou. This battle Cats game was first published in the iOS version, but after its vast popularity, it has been developed on android and windows. The game is available on windows only until 2018.

Battle Cats Game Play For PC

The game became wide famous due to its better gameplay. Battle Cats game is basically a tower defense game. Players of the game can choose various cats to fight with multiple enemies in the play. The game is played in a two-dimensional ground where the player needs to send a team of cats to defend. There is a canon on the battlefield where the principle can perform various actions like freeze, slow, and set a barrier to cats. The game corporation releases multiple versions with many effects and updates.

Download Battle Cats For PC

The gameplay is based on three stories, and each story is further divided into the chapters. This game has gathered its users due to its character development in Cats. Cats in the game can be upgraded to various stages by the points and currency earned in the game—higher the level of the Cat higher the uniqueness like sensing, power. 

Players can add various appearances and abilities to the Cats. A player of this game actually feels that they have these cats as their pets. Cats in the gameplay are divided into six various categories as basic, rare, unique, very rare, and super rare and Uber super rare. A player usually finds the game interesting as they need to feed the Cat by earning food and money by playing the game. 

Download Battle Cats For PC

The Cat is reached to its pure form when the player upgrades the Cat to the 30th level. Usually, the gameplay takes place by the cats, which die if the player’s Cat’s energy is reduced completely.  

The energy of the Cat reduces for each minute. The game ends when the base is destroyed. The game who won in the battle has a chance to win the treasure. There are various types of wealth that are awarded to the winners. Superior wealth gives a lot of resources to the player, while the inferior is the least.

How To Download BattleCats Game For PC?

Battle Cats game is widely popularized, and the users frequently ask for a PC version. But the game actually removed its PC version in the year 2018. Many of the players find it challenging to get this game on PC. The following procedure describes how to download the Battle Cats game on PC.

Download Battle Cats For PC

  1. If you want to download Battle cats on PC, users need to have an android emulator on PC. 
  2. If the user doesn’t have any one of the android emulators, then the user needs to install one.
  3. Visit any of the browsers on your windows and start downloading an android emulator like Blue Stacks. 
  4. After installing the Blue Stacks application, sign in with the Google account.
  5.  Now open the play store in the Blue Stacks application and start searching for the Blue Cats game. 
  6. Now you need to install the game and allow the permissions it asks you.
  7. You need to open the Blue Stacks application each time to open the game. In this way, the players can play battle cats on PC too.
  8. The game is so simple in terms of graphics, but it is an addictive one. Multiple strategies are needed to be developed by the player to win the game. 
  9. Player needs to work always on cats to gain strengths and upgrade the cats to various levels. 
  10. Players can earn the game currency by either conquering the opposition area or defending their city. These earnings can be used to feed the Cat by purchasing the cat feed. 
  11. The story mode is also exciting, which makes the player addicted to the plot.

This game makes you believe that cats can overtake the world with their powers. Players need to train the cats to continue to upgrade the cats and win the battles. Each category of the Cat has various strengths and potential.

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